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Iakaonhnhiiohstha ne Taionre:ren 2016 22nd Annual Racers for Health
Will be held on Thursday, June 2nd 
at Kateri School

START TIMES: The following schedule will be used to start the race for each grade:

9:15am Nursery Girls
9:30am Nursery Boys
9:45am Kindergarten Girls
10:00am Kindergarten Boys
10:15am Grade 1 Girls
10:30am Grade 1 Boys
10:45am Grade 2 Girls
11:00am Grade 2 Boys
11:15am Grade 3 Girls
11:30am Grade 3 Boys

11:45am Community Race/High School

12:00pm Grade 4 Girls
12:15pm Grade 4 Boys
12:30pm Grade 5 Girls
12:45pm Grade 5 Boys
1:00pm Grade 6 Girls
1:15pm Grade 6 Boys

 1:40pm River Roads Re-Opened


Road closure from Lands Unit/KYC to St. Francis Xavier Mission at 8:00 am for race set up
Complete road closures down to Community Green Space/Outdoor Lacrosse Rink.
Please do not pass barriers for the safety of our children!