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What is CAB?

CAB is the Community Advisory Board, it consists of 20-22 Kahnawakeronon volunteers from different sectors of the community. It was put together so that the community members of Kahnawake would have representation within KSDPP and its functions.

CAB members meet on a monthly basis to oversee the project, influence decision making, give feedback, and ensure that the needs of the community are addressed.

Some of CAB's main tasks so far have been the creation of the Vision Statement and a Code of Research Ethics, which describes how the Community Advisory Board, Community Researchers, and Academic Researchers could work with one another in a respectful manner.

The graph below indicates the different sectors represented by CAB

CAB Objectives:   back to top

The image below indicates the objectives of CAB


Community Advisory Board Members 2013-2014.The community Advisory Board consists of  people representing different sectors of the community. The following table consists of CAB members and the sector of the community that they represent.

CAB Member

1. Amelia McGregor

2. Eva Johnson

3. Davey Diabo

4. Kaylia Marquis

5. Chantal Saad-Haddad

6. Victoria Brascoup

7. Alex McComber

8. Dave McComber

9. Lisa Peterson

10. Morgan Phillips

11. David Canadian

12. Joyce Rice

13. Ann Macaulay

14. Philip Deering

15. Mary Couseneau

16. Leah Diome

17. Reagan Tarbell

18. Konwenni Jacobs

19. Representative

20. Representative

21. Representative

22. Representative







Community Member

Environment Protection Office

Kahnawake Youth Center

Community Member

Kateri Memorial Hospital Center


McComber Consulting

Kahnawake Survival School

Community Member

Community Member

MCK Sport & Recreation Unit

Community Member

Acting Scientific Director

Community Member

Diabetes Nurse Educator

Community Member

Kanienkehaka Onkwawen:na Raotitiohkwa

Community Member



Kateri School

Karonhianonhnha School